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SEP on CNN behind the scenes, part 2: Asma Aradeh

SEP on CNN behind the scenes, part 2: Asma Aradeh

Posted on August 22 2016

Asma Aradeh, SEP Quality Control Manager at Jerash Camp, talks to CNN journalist Mia Alberti:

Q1) When did you come to camp and why?
A1) I didn’t come to camp. I woke up and found myself here. My parents came to the camp, got married, and I was born and raised here all my life and to this day.

Q2) Why did you start working with SEP?
A2) We tried very hard to find work before SEP came to the camp. I tried working with several projects but there was no following through. We never found someone to help and support us market our project. There was no marketing, there was no capital, and we couldn’t go outside the camp for work. SEP came to us, it gave us work close to where we live and even in our own houses.

Q3) What do you do at SEP and why do you like it?
A3) I am the quality control officer. I love my work because we are constantly improving and developing. At the beginning of this journey, we did not pay much attention to detail. We were satisfied if our work looked pretty and that was all. But with SEP, we learned perfection in our products. Now, we want each product to be perfect in terms of embroidery, cleanliness, and measurements. Every item must reach the ultimate level of elegance.

Q4) What is your favorite thing about SEP?
A4) I love everything about SEP. The orders we get, the way we deal with the ladies, and the way we interact with each other and operate.  We don’t have a boss or supervisor, we are all like one family. We cooperate and work together.

Q5) How do you think SEP will help you in the future? Leave the camp or continue to work in this area?
A5) I intend to stay at the camp and continue work with SEP. My children are still young, and they need to go to school and they need many other things so I could never leave SEP and I hope to continue for many years to come.

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