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Our Favorite Autumn Recipes

Our Favorite Autumn Recipes

Posted on September 17 2020

While we are getting ready to introduce our new cashmere collection for the colder season... we could not help but think about all the wonderful autumn comfort food which is coming soon! During lockdown, we discovered many Instagram accounts that propose incredible recipes.

Here is our list of our favorite IG accounts and recipes to try for this autumn:


Joudie Kalla is the author of Palestine On A Plate & Baladi. We just love ALL of Joudie’s recipes. From the grape leaves, saffron cheesecake and more. We decided to share with you a vegetarian dish called  Rummaniyeh. Full of delicious vegetables, it can be served as a starter or main dish.


Meliz Berg is a Uk-based  blogger and chef. Her IG page is filled of Mediterranean Food recipes. It is difficult to choose just one, but, the all time winner has to be her Yalancı (meatless) Dolma fillings! We just love this dish and can eat it all year round. 




Andrew Rea wears many hats, a chef, film maker and YouTube personality. We love his cooking show, Binging with Babish. With over 7m viewers, we can understand why. Sometimes we look for simple, good and lazy recipes when we’re on a go! What’s more delicious than a homemade Croque Monsieur.



Tom Aikens, is an English Michelin star chef. His IGTV is filled with collaborations with guest chefs and incredible recipes. We decided to go with the BAKED MARINATED COD, PROVENÇALE STYLE.



Francesco Mazzei is Calabrian-born and is known for his traditional Italian dishes and making cooking accessible. The dish we selected is Fettuccine with Grana Padano, Broad Beans, Peas and Black Truffle.




Melek Erdal is a teacher that loves cooking! Her IG account is so lively and full of food love. She shares Kurdish and Turkish recipes, and we adore that she brings in family members for group cooking. We tried a few of her recipes, homemade bread, chicken kofta and halloumi bread. We decided to share two; Baked Mucver and a Baklava.




Enrica Panariello is a  Blogger, instagrammer and founder of Chiara Passion. Her blog and recipes are in Italian. We decided to share two Chiara Passion recipes Pizza rucola, pomodorini e scaglie di parmigiano and TORTA DI RICOTTA SENZA COTTURA: CANNOLO SICILIANO.



Tieghan Gerard is the author of HBH Super Simple Cookbook. Her colourful IG account is full of various dishes choices! But, we just fell in love with a recipe she shared in September, Salted Maple Apple Tarte Tatin with Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds. Definitely worth following for dinner ideas.


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