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10 technical tips: increase your chances to WIN the #Keffiyehchallenge

10 technical tips: increase your chances to WIN the #Keffiyehchallenge

Posted on February 04 2020

Five Key tips to make a viral video 

1. Storytelling

Planning your video content is essential in creating a professional video, engaging the audience and making the right impression.

a - sit down and make a plan of the content

b - what are you trying to say or do?

c - practice on your own

d - get a friend to take a sample video

e - evaluate and shoot

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

2. The lighting & background is everything

You don’t need to use pro-camera equipment. Your smartphone will do, just remember that the image sensors are a bit limited. If you are in a dark area, the image may come out as grey, dark and low quality. Choose your lighting to portray the story that you would like to portray. You may use natural lighting and background, just make sure it conveys your message.

Audio is key, it can make or break it. While most smartphone cameras can do the trick, this can be less obvious for the microphone features. Consider borrowing or buying an inexpensive external mic. This may make the difference in your creative process and final video cut.

Music: read our T&C carefully! We will not be able to accept videos with copyrighted music, unless you have purchased the rights to it.

3. Aim to get attention

We love your creativity. Do some research, see what’s out there and come up with your own original twist on how to wear a keffiyeh. It can be a tutorial or the setting can be an incredible place in your part of the word. Create and share your own story.
Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash

4. Keep it short

While most blogs out there states that a punchy video should be 50 sec or less, remember that the first 30 seconds are the deal-breaker. If you do not get their attention after 30’’, then most likely they will stop watching. The time restriction on your #keffiyehchallenge video is a max of 50 seconds, but bear in mind that most Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram adverts last only 10 seconds.


5. Don’t be scared of experimenting with video editing tools.

There are many great and not so complex tools out there to help you with your video editing. Similar to photos, you can crop, filter and so much more. Maybe this is just the occasion to try one of those tools out!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Five Key tips for a WiNNING Photo:


1. Storytelling storytelling storytelling

As annoying that it may sound to mention it again, one of the best ways to connect to your audience is to make sure that the photo fits in the #keffiyehchallenge and that you have a story to tell. A simple selfie with your beloved Keffiyeh will not cut it. 

Inspire us! 

Tell a story through abstract, candid, urban shots ...or just be funny!

This is your chance to make a masterpiece and share it with your friends to get their votes. The more votes you get, the higher the chance to make it to the top 3


2. High-res versus low-res

 Even though the photo can be uploaded via Instagram or our contest platform, remember that not all of the voters will be using their mobile devices. It is key to make sure that your photo is high-res for the people viewing the entrees via desktop. Another key recommendation is to crop your photos instead of zooming Zooming will actually damage the quality of the photo, unless you are using a professional camera. 

Photo by @plqml on Unsplash

3. Shooting yourself? Use a tripod and mount for your phone

 Go hands-free and focus on setting up your story, the pose and keffiyeh. Using this equipment will help you with:

  • The image level
  • The distance between you and the camera. Better control!

It’s inexpensive and you can use it for your next selfie session. 


4. Editing your photos

Perfect your photo. You can either edit directly on your smartphone or desktop. There are so many great free tools available for you! Just make sure you take time to research the one that is us

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

5. Sharing is caring!

Once uploaded to the contest, SHARE YOUR ENTRY and get as many votes as possible! The more votes you get, the more likely you are to be travelling to Jordan and meeting the amazing SEP Artists!


 Ready to upload?



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