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Gift Ideas for your family and friends

Gift Ideas for your family and friends

Posted on November 27 2018

It’s Holiday season! Need ideas for gifts for family and friends? Well, if you are hesitating what to get for everyone, we can help your out. The SEP team prepared a gift guide dedicated to you, and it is packed with ALL OF THE THINGS your family and friends will love. Check out our pictures below!


Embroidered Pillows – for a friend

Chances are your friend loves to be busy, but we are sure she also likes to relax at home. Any place can feel like home, all we need is scented candles, a glass of tea, a warm throw, and throw pillows. Our soft and hand embroidered pillows in varying colors and patterns will make her feel unique and keep her comfortable all day.

Linen Bread Basket – for mum

We know that your mum loves to bake, and she can go ahead and pack those gooey cinnamon rolls, or gingerbread men in this lovely linen basket. It will keep treats warm and fresh longer. As it’s thick and washable, it’s the perfect place for fresh baked goods. In addition, the hand-made embroidery in blue, beige or red colors adds a charming touch. This piece is super versatile as it can store potatoes, bath accessories, or a plant pot too.

Travel and Cupboard Garment Pouch – for hubby or boyfriend

Every guy needs some great shirts, and this is the perfect place to store them. This pouch is great for keeping his shirts or cashmere sweaters neat and wrinkle-free. Does he travel a lot? Even better! He can use this as a travel pouch, fit in up to 5 shirts and protect them from dust, and liquids accidently pouring out from toiletries. It will keep his garments in pristine condition and the hand-embroidery will add a statement to this subtle style.

Canvas Bag – for younger sister

Canvas bags will soon be your younger sister’s best sidekick. Why? They’re incredibly versatile, perfect for lugging that laptop, making a quick run to the gym, or stop at a neighborhood café for a sip. It will keep her looking polished when she needs it, and while we know it’s a little early and probably too cold, we can see these being in heavy rotation when spring, and the beach season rolls around. In addition, our carefully hand-embroidered details inspired by geometry and Islamic architecture are a nice conversation topic.

Multicolor Keffiyeh – for the younger ones

Are you thinking about what to get for your niece? Fashionable items are always welcome for young teens. Since the rainbow trend has exploded, our multicolor keffiyeh is always on the radar of fashion girls. The fun and whimsical aspects of these scarves are perfect for those too wishing to add more colors to lighten up the winter months. Just because the weather is turning dark, it doesn’t mean you have to reflect the same change in your clothes. 

Tea Towel & Wooden Spoon – for your aunt

Our LIMITED EDITION tea towel with a wooden spoon is a perfect family visiting gift. It is designed just for your aunt who will appreciate the hand-made embroidery and the SEP story behind the gift. The wooden spoon will come handy in the kitchen, and the tea towel will compliment your afternoon tea sessions.


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