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Together we can keep 500 Artists busy through COVID-19 lockdown!

Together we can keep 500 Artists busy through COVID-19 lockdown!

Posted on November 04 2020

In a sea of theoretical studies on the impact of COVID-19 on disadvantaged communities, we have decided to compile a list of comments we have been getting from the SEP Artists in Jerash camp. We hope you will find them interesting first-hand emotions, which will make you feel closer to the SEP team in these challenging times. Thank you!



"We hope that those who like our products will buy them to alleviate the suffering of SEP's artists." Umm Mahmoud



"The situation is dramatic: SEP is my only source of income and with sales slowing, so did my income. Both my sister and I were making a living out of embroidery". Zahra


"Since the start of coronavirus, we have been a lot less busy. We sit and we wait. May God help us". Umm Malek




"Some people have nothing but sewing and children, and living is difficult and everything is expensive. There is no money, as simple as that". Fatima



"The problem is that our husbands can not work because of corona: this makes it difficult for everyone at the camp." Nama




"We are in a time when words have manifested themselves, and we change according to circumstances. He who knocks on the door is waiting, and the owner of the house is embarrassed. The hand is amputated, and the eye can no longer see as it used to be, but our only hope is in God that remains for us. We work to live, we live to work, life is war, and victory is for those who are patient." Fatima



Believe it or not, there is no formal Mental Health support structure in Jerash camp. Are you a Mental Health expert? Would you like to offer some of your time and knowledge? Share with us your ideas in the comments section, as SEP would love to be able to support the community's Mental Health, during this surreal time.

SEP Jordan remains committed to its mission, which is to bring thousands of refugees above the poverty line, through employment and thanks to their skills and talents. Together with you, the SEP community all over the world, we are confident that we shall come out of this crisis, stronger than we were when it started.

Help us keep the 500+ SEP Artists busy, think of SEP when you think of Christmas and let's continue to stick together and believe!


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