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Connecting Hearts towards a Higher Purpose this Valentine’s Day

Connecting Hearts towards a Higher Purpose this Valentine’s Day

Posted on January 31 2022

Connecting hearts. Love. Inspiration. Impact giving.
Impact Fashion means business as a force for good. This is our love message to the world.

At SEP we’ve known only one way to do business and that’s by using it as a force for good both on a human and environmental level. Connecting hearts is what we do best since whenever you make a purchase, you know you’re helping to improve a woman’s livelihood and making a real positive and direct impact for her and her community. So, at SEP this Valentine’s Day we’re setting out to connect even more and more hearts around the globe through mindful giving inspiration. Well, it’s all about love after all! What better way to show your huge bursting heart to the world as you honor your special love this year connecting you and them to a SEP Artist who just happens to be a refugee?

From our raw materials and careful design process to the final tag on each accessory showcasing the Artist’s name who lovingly embroidered it, SEP ethical luxury embodies an entire mindful series of steps, considerations, and decisions resulting in a positive sustainable business model that turns heads and makes a real positive impact to the SEP Artists’ lives. Each thread in the SEP “fabric”, our entire process, helps to create a lasting bond with each of us all around the world. It is a heart-full human-lived journey creating a ripple effect of impact.

Through her exquisite hand embroidery, each SEP Artist shares her life’s story along with her hopes and dreams with the world. This is her message of love and at SEP we’re set to share as much love as we can!

So, are you seeking more love inspiration for this Valentine’s Day?
We’re going crazy for everything lavender, pink, and khaki! Why lavender in particular? Based on purple, it evokes luxury, elegance, devotion, peace and purity. Moreover, it symbolizes our crown chakra (top of our head) connecting us to our higher purpose and our own spiritual journey. We could even go so far as to say, sporting this color allows you to show the world just what kind of world YOU want to create - one of peace, reflection and unity. Each mindful step at a time, you have the possibility to align your higher purpose and connect hearts and souls along your journey. At SEP, we know no other way.

Whether it’s a sumptuous lavender cashmere shawl, a purple canvas bag, a cute and unique phone pouch or a linen shawl, at SEP our creations allow you to show the world how you wear your heart. Fully! Proudly! Avowed!

- Happy Valentine’s Day from the whole SEP Team

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