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10 gift ideas that will not break the bank

10 gift ideas that will not break the bank

Posted on November 08 2019

 With 47 days to go till Christmas, we at SEP would like to make your shopping experience smoother and more pleasurable than ever before: we have selected a range of 10 unique hand-embroidered gift ideas, FOR 60 CHF AND UNDER. 

This selection is ideal for smaller budgets, secret Santa, corporate or multiple gifts.

1. Baby keffiyeh

A variation of the traditional Palestinian black and white keffiyeh. This scarf is smaller and it has a squared shape. It can be used as a neck-warmer, as a head accessory or as a bag accessory.

Price: 60 CHF

Indicative size: 90x90

2.  Mini Keffiyeh

The Mini Keffiyeh, a.k.a. "the Lina" is a small triangle-shaped scarf, perfect as a neck scarf or a head accessory, as often worn by Lina Hadid. Some of our beloved customers even attach the mini keffiyeh to their purse or bag. The SEP artists choose the pattern and colours; each is unique and no one scarf is alike.

Price: 40 CHF

Indicative size: 110x70x70

3.  Bread basket


This piece is created with pure linen and dacron filling. Available in five different embroideries and colours. What we love about this product is its versatility.   

Uses of the basket include:

  • storage 
  • hand towel holder
  • plant pot cover
Price: 60 CHF

One size

 4. Apron


How about an apron? This can be an ideal gift for an individual that loves to cook. It is, after all, the perfect season for making gingerbread cookies. 

The elegant 100% stonewashed linen apron features a detailed poppy embroidery.  

Price: 60 CHF

One size

5. Pocket square

Pocket square is the new tie: add a touch of sophistication to your outfits thanks to this small, precious bundle of hand-embroidery. All piece unique, adorned with one of the elegant SEP Jordan geometric patterns.

Price: 32 CHF

Size: 25x25

6. Placemat & hand towel


From your apron to the table, we have a selection of hand-embroidered placemats available to add an extra touch of elegance to your dining room. 100%linen 

Price: 29 CHF
Size: 35x45
Price: 20 CHF 

Size: 25x25

7. Tea towel

Price: 40 CHF

Size: 70x50, linen

8. Beauty case & hand towel 

Ideal for your toiletries, when travelling and at home. Comes in two sleak color variations, natural linen and blue waffle cotton: 

Price: 45 CHF
Size: 22x14x10
Price: 25 CHF

Size: 50x40

9. Jute shopper bag

"No single use plastic bags" is possibly the number one resolution for many ahead of 2020. 

Our jute tote bag, made for SEP in India, features a thin PVC lining, making them resistant and waterproof. While most of our clients use the bags for the pool or beach, they can be used for your daily shopping and as a carry-bag.


Alhambra Jute Tote

Available in four colour combos: SEA, SUN, SUNSET and STORM

Price: 60CHF
Dimensions: tote 44x39x17cm, linen pocket 30x30cm


Mustache Jute Tote

Available in various colours.

Price: 55CHF

Dimensions: 44x39x17cm

10. iPhone pouch

Graphite linen with embroidered cross-body strap, limited edition item, available offline only: at the SEP Boutique in Geneva and on demand via direct message.

Price: 60chf
Size: 11x18



Make it a SEP Jordan Christmas, spread #mutualhappiness and help us fulfil our mission: to bring thousands of artists - who happen to be refugees - above the poverty line! Thank you and Happy Holidays!


The SEP Jordan Team



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