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SEP on CNN behind the scenes, part 3: Asma Nmeilat

SEP on CNN behind the scenes, part 3: Asma Nmeilat

Posted on August 22 2016

Asma Nmeilat, finishing officer at SEP in Jerash Camp, talks to CNN journalist Mia Alberti:


Q1) When did you find out about SEP? When did you start working for them?
A1) I found out about it when Nawal did. We were a group working in a soap production project at the time. SEP approached us, we started with them and things developed little by little. This is how it started, I was among the very first.


Q2) What do you do at SEP? Do you like what you do?
A2) My job is to ensure proper finishing of the products once the ladies have completed all the embroidery work. I check all aspects of the item, in terms of the embroidery and the stitches. We make sure the item is perfect. I love my work very much.

Q3) What do you like about SEP?
A3) SEP has created a source of income for us and has allowed us to develop our hobbies. It has helped us to bring out all the creativity we have within us. We were constrained before but with SEP our love for embroidery has increased. It’s like we have a purpose in life now.

Q4) What do you feel about sharing your Palestinian background with the rest of the world?
A4) I am proud of that. I am proud to be sharing our embroidery, our heritage, and our tradition. Through our Palestinian heritage, we show the world what a strong and resilient people we are.


Q5) What do you want to do for the future? Roberta told me you want to buy a machine?
A5) Yes, I want to buy an industrial sewing machine to learn embroidery and sewing. It has become a necessity in every household. One has to develop their own projects in order to be self-sufficient.

Q6) Do you think more projects like SEP should exist in camps all over the world?
A6) Yes, very much so. SEP is a successful project that has helped the camp residents in general. I would say that 80% of the ladies at the camp have benefited greatly from SEP in one way or another.

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