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SEP Celebrates 1 Year as a B Corporation!

SEP Celebrates 1 Year as a B Corporation!

Posted on October 02 2021

Written by Stephanie Braghero


What’s that saying? "Moss doesn’t grow on a rolling stone"?


Well, this is definitely the case for SEP! This month SEP reflected on 1 year as a certified B Corporation. Honouring businesses aligning purpose with profits describes SEP so well. Specifically, meeting the rigorous social and environmental standards required, we endeavour each and every day to be positive change makers for the SEP female artists and the environment by measuring our real impact.


There’s no blah blah or lip service here.


Looking in the rear-view mirror is vital to understand where you’ve come from, but it’s in steering clearly ahead where our Founder, Roberta Ventura, leads the strong SEP team around the world in its devoted mission.


Some perspectives she shared:

    • Witnessing incredible resilience among the population at Jerash camp due to the pandemic continues to strengthen each client and ambassador’s determination to be a force for positive change now more than ever. Developments are happening at the camp, so stay tuned!
    • Teaming up with Integra Fragrances led to the exclusive, tailor-made SEP scent identity embodying our brand values and ethical mission especially the commitment to increase women’s psychological well-being. We’re beyond excited about this partnership and will bring the results to market this holiday season, so stay tuned!
    • MB100 Winner: Roberta is among the top 100 Meaningful Business leaders. In the same spirit as B Corporation, SEP is recognised for driving the UN Sustainable Development Goals relating to impact, leadership, innovation, durability and scope. Remarkably, SEP is 1 among only 5 other fashion industry leader winners. More innovation and action is needed by all fashion sector actors!
    • Our partnership with Aramex means using biodegradable packaging reducing our carbon footprint.
    • For all you change makers in Berlin, get ready for our new SEP boutique opening! Just in time for your mindful holiday gift-giving. 
    • Growing and curating our partnerships with worldwide exclusive boutiques like Bongenie Grieder in Geneva, Intwine in Zurich and many more.
    • New management is coming to the SEP Geneva boutique on 1 November. Come meet our new team!


Our B Corp wish? We welcome collaborations with other B Corporations to amplify our impact!



With our mission always clear - bringing thousands of refugees above the poverty line through their hard work, SEP continues its clear vision pushing our brand further and achieving new milestones in sustainability. In this way, SEP makes good on its promise to bring mutual happiness to both the artist, our clients, and even the environment.

Remember each time you make a purchase, you become a SEP Ambassador! Turn heads and get people talking by sharing “What Story Are You Wearing?” #seeninSEP. You do make a real difference!

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