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Introducing Our Newest #TeamSEP Members

Introducing Our Newest #TeamSEP Members

Posted on October 29 2021

#TeamSEP is growing!  Starting Monday, November 1st, SEP welcomes Stephanie and Katherine to our Rue Vautier boutique in Carouge, Geneva. Together they will manage SEP’s retail and store operations. 


They bring years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Stephanie’s background includes studies in Anthropology and Management with a career in healthcare business development and marketing within global corporations and start-ups. Katherine’s brings a background in public health policy and non-profit work.  

Both share a love of fashion, made even stronger when fused with SEP’s core mission: bringing thousands of refugees above the poverty line, empowered by their own skills and talent.

Meet SEP Ambassadors Stephanie and Katherine!

Q: What excites you about this new role with SEP?


Stephanie: since weaving myself into the SEP story over 2 years ago, first as a client, and now as a team member, the mission fascinated me from the start and now understanding its real measurable social impact over the years gives me personally such drive to be given the opportunity to bring my skills and energy to this amazing project. I’m completely dazzled by the numerous items the artists continue to create. Their talents and perseverance know no bounds! I’m finding myself wanting to own so many garments too! 

Knowing that more and more women have joined as SEP Artists since its early days, makes the contribution I could make to this social business all the more meaningful and truly aligned with my own values. It truly speaks to the energy and tenacity of SEP and its driven and devoted leadership. When you go to work each day knowing that no matter what, these female artists continuously exemplify resilience and perseverance in the truest form of humanity, it humbles me incredibly to be part of our growing SEP team. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity!


Katherine: I’m proud to be working for a Certified B Corporation that’s founded by a woman and powered by 500+ woman artists. SEP artists are at the center of everything we do. I’m also looking forward to working with our clients to find the perfect SEP piece for themselves, or as a gift to a loved one. Finally, I see this position as an opportunity to share the story of SEP with our clients and partners. In this way, I can continue to support our artists as they share their own traditions and stories through their work. A virtuous cycle!


What are your favorite SEP designs?


Stephanie: I love the intricacy and flow of the Alhambra design yet when you go deeper into the SEP product lines, you see there are so many unique, beautiful and modern designs matched with luxurious fabrics in linen, cashmere and cotton. The Ibrahim pattern is also really flattering not only for women but men too. The cashmere line is exquisite and I love that the delicate yet robust Italian Cariaggi yarns truly make each piece a versatile go-to addition to anyone’s wardrobe.


Katherine:  Where to begin?  I find myself drawn to the linen shawls, particularly in white, blue and gray.  Also the pouches and canvas bags.  I’m blown away by the skill and precision of our SEP artists as they embroider SEP’s signature patterns.  It’s impossible to choose a favorite pattern, but the Heart, Star, and Mary Magdalene are so gorgeous.


What are you looking forward to on Day 1?


Stephanie: I’m looking forward to being in the gorgeous boutique with its exposed wooden beams and old stone work all set within quaint Carouge right off the Place du Marché. Welcoming our clients in such a curated space surrounded by such powerful feminine energy and heartfelt stories gives me a boost to consult with them as they seek something special, and I’ll work hard to determine which garments could make them the most happy! I’m equally really excited to work with such dynamic and fun teammates! So far, I’ve never had such fun at work!


Katherine: Meeting our first SEP clients in the Vautier boutique!  Please come in and let’s meet in person!



SEP is a luxury fashion and lifestyle Certified B Corporation.  Each time you wear a SEP design, you can appreciate knowing that you’ve made a difference in the life of the artist who created it. What story are you wearing?  #SeenInSEP

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