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Beach-y winter? Redefine Your Sunny Vacation. Make Travelling a Force for Good!

Beach-y winter? Redefine Your Sunny Vacation. Make Travelling a Force for Good!

Posted on November 23 2021

Travel as a Force for Good

For many in the Northern hemisphere, the weeks leading up to Christmas mean a frenzy of year-end business meetings, cocktails and dinners, even gift-buying all crammed into shorter days as the sun sets earlier and earlier.

The chill in the air has us donning our thickest coats, gloves and hats and craving all sorts of hot libations. For many, year-end also means time off work anticipating fun times traveling with family and friends.

Whether your ideal plans involve snowy wintery mountain scenes snuggling around a crackling fire sipping glögg after a day zipping down the ski slopes or escaping to the warmest spot you can imagine to soak up loads of vitamin D, at SEP you will always find the perfect accessories. Here’s speaking to you Australia, South Africa, India, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean, and the desert and the vast Middle East - ideal escapes during the chilly winter months!

If your upcoming travel plans will take you to one of these warm locales or simply if you’re tired of itchy wool and numb fingers and dream for a warm escape, we’ve got some sizzling ideas for you! 

Firstly, your “journey” doesn’t involve only choosing where on the map you’ll go, what to pack, or what to consider about the local pandemic measures at your destination. Rather, the journey invites bringing a human story into focus. Simply put, making travel and its impact as a #forceforgood.

At Afar (#afarmag and @afarmedia), Travel as a Force for Good, they’ve highlighted 12 destinations to find winter sun: They’re keen to get you on your way by providing the best guides and tips all with sustainability and positive impact in mind. And, just like SEP, they understand that each step, each decision, and each gesture all make a direct difference to the environment, to each other, and to the world we want to create.


Our partner ItMustBeNOW ( #itmustbenow) published an evergreen article with great tips for conscious travel:


At SEP, a certified B Corporation ( ), we’d like to help you be a #mindfultraveler who embodies luxury and ethical style. How? Refugee Artists lovingly hand-embroider each item at SEP, and when you make an #impactpurchase you’ve just contributed directly to empowering a woman and giving her talent and skills visibility to the world. #Everystitchtellsastory, so you’re unequivocally connected to another human being. Not only will your travel warm your soul and give you that enviable winter tan, but you also utilise your #travelasaforceforgood. 

So, roll out your suitcase, and check out here what SEP has in mind for your upcoming beach or hot spot holiday! Traveling never felt so good or made such positive impact!

 1. THE MULTICOLOR KEFFIYEH: wear it as a scarf on the plane and as a pareo on the beach:


2. THE MINI KEFFIYEH: versatile headscarf and neckscarf for the city and the beach:


3. THE 4 SHADES ON GRAY KEFFIYEH: unisex best-seller, it will keep you company all year round:

4. THE STONE-WASHED LINEN TOWEL: the perfect skin massage, small when folded hence perfect for your luggage, yet generous in size when you need it:

5. THE SHORT LINEN TUNIC DRESS: elegant, stylish and yet casual and comfortable short tunic dress, designed for the warmer days. Linen will keep you cool when it is warm and will keep your body temperature in the evenings when it gets cooler:

6. THE WHITE LINEN SHIRT DRESS: inspired by the principles of comfort and utility. Made in Italy and hand-embroidered in Jordan, it is cut from pure linen: the most sustainable natural fiber, completely recyclable, biodegradable and zero-waste:


7. THE WHITE LINEN SHAWL: luxurious white, softened-linen shawl made in Italy and hand-embroidered with love in Jerash Camp, Jordan. This chic staple can carry you through from day to night in ultimate style.

SEP’s mission is to bring thousands of refugees above the poverty line. Every time you purchase or share with us at #seeninsep, you’re telling the world Your Story. Your Impact. What better way to create a better world already today… and for tomorrow?





Mood pics credit @ItMustbeNOW


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