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The best SEP gifts for your Valentine

The best SEP gifts for your Valentine

Posted on February 07 2019

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again — the time of year when you let your loved ones (maybe yourself!) know just how much they mean to you. Exclusively this month we are featuring a selection of ethical brands curated by Le Colibry in our store at Rue Vautier 31, Geneva. If you are abroad you may get these gift ideas on our and Le Colibry’s websites.  So let’s mix and match! Whether you’re in a relationship or happily single, we’ve compiled some of our favorite gift ideas for celebrating! 


Everything your Valentine might want — a new black and white Linda keffiyeh with a classical literature inspired Libri Muti hand made notebook (it’s empty!), and a Kure Bazaar natural & non-toxic nail polish maybe? The color black and white is always a successful color combination, and in February red is of unwavering popularity. 


Or our hand-embroidered cashmere triangle scarf, with a Kure Bazaar nail serum perhaps? Our cashmeres are made of the finest Cariaggi cashmere, from Italy. The triangle covers and protects the neck area perfectly, and as an accessory gives a nice touch to any outfit. The Kure Bazaar rose infusion nourishes and repairs the nails. It is made of vegetable oils and rose petals.



What about a hand-embroidered Tulip shirt, and one or more brooches? The shirt is over-sized and great for that urban-chic girl! It is made of a Jordan sourced cotton mix, and the Tulip pattern is hand drawn and embroidered in the Jerash camp by the most senior SEP artists. The brooches are hand-embroidered from recycled materials, and inspired by the quality of military embroidery. They look great on green, and give a personalized touch to her style.





He likes dark colors? He will love our 6 shades on grey keffiyeh, or a May Keffiyeh. A complimentary gift could be a unique card holder. The keffiyehs are easy for him to pair with anything, and depending on how he folds them, they can be worn in many ways. Plus, the embroidery in the middle gives them an unmistakable character. The card holder is hand-embroidered; made of leather and wool. The touch of humor will make him laugh!




We chose a  hand - embroidered zip-pouch that he can use for his grooming accessories. It is tastefully paired with a Libri Muti book, and a cashmere shawl. If he enjoys self-care, a bit of indulgence, and soft materials - these will be the perfect gifts.



The pairing of our Sultan han and Koutubia cushions, or one of our cashmere throws with Geodesis candles is a great idea for that special person caring about details in his or her home. These candles are made of 100% vegetable wax composed of coconut and apricot oils. We use the brand in Neroli scent in the SEP shop and it has a lasting fragrance diffusion.



Do you like cocooning gifts? He/she/you will love using our traditionally hand-embroidered hand towels! They are soft on your skin; made of stone-washed linen. Our large towels have the same color combination, and your guests will compliment you on their design. We paired them with Swiss artisanal made exfoliating soap and an organic hand-cream.


Is he/she into colors? We love colors at SEP and have a great idea for you. We paired our multicolor Sultana han pillows with these colorful bottles! (They look great with our multicolor keffiyeh too!) These urban and ecological bottles will not spill, and are ultra light to carry.


And last but not least, we have launched a very special collection for those looking for a small but meaningful Valentine's day gift. These heart keychains are hand-made with love, and detailed care in the Azraq camp. A new addition to SEP accessories, this keychain is also a squishy anti-stress toy.





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